Our AOP Loire Valley Wines


La Roche Saint-Vincent

Wine-growing area

Estate of 10 hectares located in Varrains (opposit to the common preconceived idea, the SAUMUR-CHAMPIGNY wines coming from the heart of the delimited appellation area are more elaborated
than the one issued from the banks of Loire river).

Geological characteristic

Calcareous soil (chalk) from the secondary era locally known as «TUFFEAU».

Grape variety

100% Cabernet Franc, also named Cabernet «Breton».

Colour and alcohol content

Deep red with intense ruby colour. Alcohol : 12,5% vol.

Vinification process

Whole grape hand-picked harvest. Vinification after a 12 to 18 days maceration in order to obtain a wine
with a powerful structure. Store for a part in stainless steel vats and for a part in underground vats, then

Technical parameters

Acidity : 3,7 g/l - Sulphur : 30 mg/l (indicative measures).

Tasting notes

Typical Cabernet wine with a red fruit smell followed by a structure in mouth with no bitterness and
exceptional roundness.

Contient des sulfites