Our AOP Loire Valley Wines


Le Pré Châtain

Wine-growing area

Vineyards selected close to ANGERS, along the Loire river.

Geological characteristic

The Anjou area is composed by a mosaic of soils, this wine is mostly harvested on a soil made of silice and clay.

Grape variety

Cabernet (70% minimum rate), Grolleau, Gamay, Pineau d’Aunis.

Colour and alcohol content

Purple Rose colour. Alcohol :12% vol.

Vinification process

Alcoholic fermentation in underground vats, generally done grape variety by grape variety or all mixed together according to the size of the estates.

Technical parameters

Acidity : 4,2 g/l - Sulphur : 25 mg/l (indicative measures)

Tasting notes

It is a dry rosé, which means without residual sugar, the assembling of those varieties combined with the soil
influence gives freshness and roundness in mouth. Must be drunk while young.

Contient des sulfites