Our AOP Loire Valley Wines


Les Chênes Vieux

Situation Géographique

The 2400 hectares vineyards have 500 hectares planted with the Pinot Noir grape with average yields of 60 hecto/hectares. Estates of 10 and 12 hectares located in BUE and ST SATUR.

Geological characteristic

Dry chalky soils generally named “Caillottes”.

Grape variety

100% Pinot Noir.

Colour and alcohol content

Ruby red with bright reflects. Alcohol : 12°5.

Vinification process

Vinified with short maceration. It does reveal during its youth the qualities of the Pinot Noir grape.

Technical parameters

Acidity : 3,8 g/l - Sulphur : 25 mg/l (indicative measures)

Tasting notes

A bouquet of red fruits with morello cherry aromas and floral notes. The attack is ample and the red fruits appear in harmony with the suppleness and the fullness of the wine.

Contient des sulfites
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