Our AOP Loire Valley Wines


La Mineraie

Wine-growing area

The city of Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil owns its own appellation, on the right side of the Loire river.

Geological characteristic

Sandy ground from the terraces of the Loire. The slopes are made with Tuffeau and covering by sand.

Grape variety

100% Cabernet France also named “Breton”.

Colour and alcohol content

Garnet-red and bright. Alc. : 12,5% Vol.

Vinification process

Hand-picked harvest; grapes from old vines. Vinification made in thermo-regulated tanks; 15 to 18 days of fermentation with classical pumping-over. Ageing in concrete tanks.

Technical parameters

Acidity: 3.5 g/l; free SO2: 30 mg/l. (indicative measures)

Tasting notes

Wine with an amazing and nice intensity, with mainly aromas of ripe red fruits (blackcurrant…). The attack
is beautiful, the mouth complex and structured with tannins. It is a wine with a generous strength and very
elegant. Potential for ageing. Young must be drunk at 14°C and aged at 16° C.

Contient des sulfites