Our AOP Loire Valley Wines


La Lanterne

Wine-growing area

Vineyards located in the Northern part of the Loire area, close to the town of Tours. Our selection mostly comes from the village of Noizay.

Geological characteristic

Mostly calcareous.

Grape variety

100% Chenin.

Colour and alcohol content

Deep yellow slightly amber-coloured. Alcohol : 12% + 1,5% (=25g of residual sugar).

Vinification process

Hand-picked harvest then slow vinification under low temperatures in calcareous cellars (allowing the stable average temperature of 12°c). Fermentation stopped before the end of the process in order to keep a certain rate of residual sugar.

Technical parameters

Acidity : 4,8 g/l - Sulphur : 45 mg/l (indicative measures)

Tasting notes

The nice amber-coloured yellow announces a complex nose, revealing a nice floral smell. The expression in mouth is full because of the body and good balance between residual sugars and acidity. It provides this Vouvray a lot of delicacy and a nice roundness in mouth. Serving temperature around 8° - 10°C.

Contient des sulfites