Our AOP Loire Valley Wines


Grand Or

Millésime : 2020

AOP : Muscadet Sèvre et Maine
Alc/vol : 12 %

Wine-growing area

The vineyard is located on the left bank of the Loire river. Both the Sèvre and Maine rivers cross this area and delimitate the guaranteed vintage production zone. Our selections are issued from several estates situated in Mouzillon or Vallet (southeast of Nantes).

Geological characteristic

Old formation mixed to volcanic stones with a significant part of schist and gneiss (acid rock).

Grape variety

100% Melon, generally known as : MUSCADET.

Colour and alcohol content

White tinged with straw yellow. 12% volume.

Vinification process

Horizontal pressing and selection of first juice extracted only. Wine stored for several weeks in its fermentation
vat in contact with the lees («Sur Lie» process). Alcoholic fermentation under controlled temperature
between 18° and 20°c. Then this MUSCADET is bottled as a «Sur Lie» quality wine before the end of May

Technical parameters

Acidity : 4,5 g/l - Sulphur : 35 mg/l (indicative measures).

Tasting notes

Dry, refreshing and fruity wine, rich in aromas which shows limpidity and brillance. Since this MUSCADET
has more body, it takes longer to mature and reveal its roundness and impressive bouquet. It should be consumed cool, between 8 and 10°c.

Contient des sulfites