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Domaine de la Moutonnière

Millésime : 2020

Alc/vol : 12 %

Wine-growing area

Both Sevre and Maine rivers are crossing and delimitate this area of MUSCADET appellation. 7 hectares estate located in the eastern part of Mouzillon.

Geological characteristic

Mostly siliceous because of the significant part of quartz in the subsoil.

Grape variety

100% Melon de Bourgogne, generally known as : MUSCADET.

Colour and alcohol content

Pale yellow tinged with green. Alcohol : 12% volume.

Vinification process

Directed vinification under controlled temperature. Air-conditioned cellar and conservation of this wine for part in stainless steel vats, part in underground vats.

Technical parameters

Acidity : 4,8 g/l - Sulphur : 35 mg/l (indicative measures).

Tasting notes

Delicate wine with fruity smell followed by a subtle tackle of the tongue. Delicate wine generally appreciated
for its feminine touch. Serving at 9°c.

Contient des sulfites