Our AOP Loire Valley Wines


M & E Guilbaud Frères

Wine-growing area

Located in the heart of the Loire Valley on well exposed foothills of the Loire. Our selections come especially from the region of Saumur.

Geological characteristic

Ancient soils mostly siliceous.

Grape variety

Cabernet Franc 100%

Colour and alcohol content

Slightly “redcurrant” color - Alcohol: 12% vol.

Vinification process

Compulsory pneumatic and book-keeping of the process in order to stick to the rule: 100 liters of juice must be extracted from 150 kg of non-crushed grapes. Vinified and developed in the area of production in underground cellar (20 meters below). The vinification process lasts for a minimum of one year according to the tradional method. Pressure per bottle: 6 bars.

Technical parameters

Acidity: 5.9 g/l - Sulphur: 20 mg/l
(indicative measures)

Tasting notes

A fresh and expressive nose which reveals aromas of raspberry and strawberry. Many fine bubbles (give rise to a rich foam) that reveal a fine, light mouth, all in delicacy. A persistent finish combining freshness and red berries. Perfect as an aperitif and on crumbles and red fruit sorbets.
Serve at 6-8°.

Contient des sulfites