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Mars 2008

Dear Madam, dear Sir, dear Customer,

Our Family Estate has been run for 80 years by 5 generations, and my Family and I, have now decided to give up our activity.
A first step has been made with the transfer of our vineyards in June 2007. The action is going on now with the transfer of our cellars and premises.

We’ll have of course an excellent recollection of these past years and of the trade ties set up with your Company.

The Clos de Beauregard is about to begin a new life under the care of a renowned Family of the Muscadet, the Guilbaud Frères Family (homonym), native of Mouzillon, cradle of Muscadet. Pascal GUILBAUD, 50 years old, will manage it from now.

Owner of several Estates (70 hectares), the Guilbaud Freres Family is one of the latest independent Company of the Muscadet vineyard. The Company acts as a producer, negociant/wine-maker and maturer, and is focused on the supply of top quality Loire Valley wines. We are confident that they’ll pay all the necessary attention to keep the inspiration and soul of Beauregard.

By the way, one of the parcel of the Clos, “La Pièce au Lièvre” (3 hectares) will be re-planted. In addition to this renewal action, a significant investment plan dedicated to the building of a new vathouse and to cold generators has been implemented.

Thereby, this is trustfully that we invite you to carry on your business relationships with this skilled and renowned producer. From April 1st, 2008, you can reach him under the following address :

BP 49601
Tél : +33 2 40 069 069 Fax : +33 2 40 069 079

Thanks again for your trustworthiness to this beautiful Estate “Clos de Beauregard”. We wish the new team all the best and great vintages !
Yours sincerely,

Antoine GUILBAUD                                               Pascal GUILBAUD